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Albus Dumbledore quotes, “Happiness can be found even in darkest of time only if one remembers to turn on the lights!” Suruchi wants to be the voice who reminds you to turn on the light, in case you don’t remember it.


Suruchi Gupta is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has worked with her husband for fifteen years. But, she always wanted to touch people’s lives positively, help them heal themselves, bring positivity and serenity in their lives and counsel them to a better and brighter future. 

Hence, came in the Second Innings of life. She is a Psychological Counsellor, A happiness and Relationship Life Coach, and a motivational speaker. She has also done various courses in chakra healing, reiki, aura cleansing, and others.

Suruchi’s driving force is her energy and passion to love people unconditionally. Her zeal and enthusiasm have helped people transform their lives beautifully in their own way. She understands each individual has his/her own perspective of life and wants to live life on their own terms. She helps them reach their own goals whether it is of happiness, peace, love, career, managing stress or solving his/her relationship issues.