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When Love turns into Control

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world! No matter, what the couples do together it
is so much fun and makes them happy. The feeling is so beautiful that we never want it
to go away. And suddenly, in some relationships, you realize they are controlling you.
They start dictating where you can a…

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Love yourself First!

Don’t just be good to the others. Be good to YOU too!”

Everyone must receive a lot of relationship advice day in day out. But the best relationship advice that can be ever given is, “Before you love others, love yourself unconditionally. It can definitely be complicated, but it will be worth…

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Manipulative people in our Lives

You are in a chirpy mood and you meet someone who is very close to you and all of sudden you start feeling life is crap. You get up in the morning with a positive mood, and then there are a lot of negative vibes and you start feeling bad. You may be in a relationship with a manipulative person who i…

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