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Blog posts February 2020

Emotional Blackmail

Men used to always say “Women emotionally blackmail us with their tears.” And it used to be true for years, to get what they wanted women used to use tears. But that was kind of harmless. But what is thought worthy is, are you made to feel guilty about your choices? Are you pushed into doing things,…

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Being fully prepared to take off with your dreams !

When I was about to start with my first counselling session, I would keep postponing it and stalling it. I had this “something” in me which made me think, I
am not fully ready yet. I need to be fully prepared and equipped before I start. This “something” always stopped me from taking action. My…

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People's opinion about you!

We all feel really good when people like us, talk good about us. It’s a high feeling. But this high feeling has a counterpart also. You have ten people talking positive about you, but if there is one person who is spreading rumors about you or talking negatively about you or doesn’t like you, your m…

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