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Being fully prepared to take off with your dreams !

When I was about to start with my first counselling session, I would keep postponing it and stalling it. I had this “something” in me which made me think, I
am not fully ready yet. I need to be fully prepared and equipped before I start. This “something” always stopped me from taking action. My mentor at that time
told me “Suruchi, the perfect time and perfect moment is right now. You can never ever be fully prepared to take off with your dreams.” And then I realized, that “something” was my fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of appearing foolish, fear of taking a wrong decision, fear of making a mistake or the fear of “not being good enough”. I wanted to combat this fear completely, and trust me I was on a mission impossible. If we try to eliminate fear completely and then start, then we will be stuck there at point zero only.When we realize life is slipping from our hands and we pause and look back on it, we see how many dreams of ours have remain unfulfilled. What’s difficult is finding courage to make it actually happen and move past all the fear and doubt that crop up when we want to do something big.
You are never ever going to be prepared enough to take off. You won’t get unlimited chances to have what you want and nothing is worse than regretting opportunities, you didn’t seize. You will make mistakes but then that is also very essential to take the next step. These mistakes equipped you for your third fourth steps. You will get better as you move ahead. But what’s essential is to get started. Even if you wait for one lifetime to be fully prepared, you will still not be fully ready to take off. Only the courage to take action right now, at this moment will help you spread your wings and take off with your dreams.

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