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Let It Go

A professor in IIT held a bottle for a few minutes and ask students “What do you think will happen to my arm ?” Students unanimously answered “Nothing!” Then the professor asked, “If I hold this bottle for one hour?” One of the students said, “your arm will start to ache.” Professor further asked, “If I hold this bottle for 24 hours?” “You will feel extreme pain and your arm could fall off also”, answered the student.

Life is like that! This bottle of water represents our problems, stress, worries, and anxiety which we have bottled up in our mind. It shows that longer we hold onto these things, more damage and harm they will cause us.

What is the most important? Our “Peace of Mind!” It is more important than spending hours thinking about why someone did what they did to us or why life treated us in this manner. Let it Go!!! We don’t let go things because we want to control them, we want to change the situation and the people. We always want to brood in the past and make it right, but we cannot. It only saps us of our energy. A learned man had once said, “Anything that costs us our peace of mind is too expensive, just let it go.”

It needs a lot of courage to let go off things and people whom we cannot change, but undoubtedly it is the most life-changing experience. Don’t let anything or anyone stay in your mind for free. Some relationships leave us alone and we keep looking for closure. We should let them go because maybe they themselves have no answer. We have to search for our own answers and reasons. Let the past go, so we could enjoy the future. Regrets and bitterness hold us back, life is meant to move forward. So just let it go!

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