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Can we do something to Control our stress?

“Stress” the word that also creates stress. Everyone is stressed about something or other. Stress could be because, “I don’t have enough!” Or stress could be because of relationships - relationship with spouse, partner, friends, parents. Some people get stressed because of children. They are not the way they would like them to be or their future is causing stress. Physical health and mental health could be reasons for stress. “How I look” “what people think of me” “I am not keeping well” “my parents are suffering from some illness” . And then the most important one reason for stress is the business, job, Ambitions and career. Even when you are in school and college you are stressed about grades, about job opportunities. Not only this, add to it we have climate, politics, environment, epidemics, pandemics to add to the stress. Safety of women and crimes also add to our stresses. And then we have so much to do and so less time is also a stress adder. Wow!! So many things to make us feel stressed in our lives.

There is one thing for sure is, you cannot run away from stress. You have to learn to face it so that it does not get built up back. Accept it. The more you try to overcome stress, the more stressed you will be. Instead look and understand is the stress there because you are trying to control things? You are living life by rigid rules like I should have at least this much money, my relationship should be like this, my parents health like this, my children should behave like this, the world should behave like this. Have you made your own rule book of what it should be and what it  shouldn’t be like !! Yes, this! Our thought process is causing us stress. Our need to control things. Our expectations that things should be like this. Our thought that how we see things is the right way! Our greed to expect too too much out of us, is causing us unhappiness and stress. Our comparing ourselves with others on social media is causing us stress. We need to change our thinking process, our rigid ideology to eliminate at least 70% of our stress.

You must have heard it a number of times, Learn to let go things and people which no longer serve you. Similarly, learn to let go off your rigid beliefs and ideology which no longer serve you. Stop living life by rule book to eliminate stress from your life. Accept the unexpected with an open arm.

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