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Emotional Abuse: The wound on Soul

Emotional abuse is the hidden attack for power and control in any relationship. It is as bad as physical abuse, if not more, it hurts. Emotional abuse can come at you with all guns blazing in your direction. The bullets hit hard, but the wounds are not seen. These are the wounds that do not appear on the body, because the other person has not raised their hands
but hurt you more. They shatter your self-esteem and confidence into tiny bits. The subtle ways of emotional abuse will come in the form of bullets are already there, the abusive person puts their salty finger on the wound and pushes and moves it around the infected area. It’s that scary and painful! The emotional abuser holds power over your life. They would use criticism, sarcasm, will constantly belittle you and put you down. They control you. And this all happens because men and women believe they are “flawed” and they settle for bad relationships or get drawn into them. Sometimes we want to be loved so badly that we can’t even tell that it’s not really love. Maybe being alone will scare you, but being in a bad relationship will scar you. This also happens when you have a low self-esteem or are a people pleaser, you are being taken advantage of.


First thing first, emotional abuse is never your fault, it’s about others controlling attitude. The best thing to come out of emotional abuse is to decide to leave. It is not as easy as it sounds. They are like a leech, they will stick to you and refuse to just let go. Giving them a second chance is like willingly putting your hand in the mouth of a crocodile. Don’t do it. They
won’t change. Don’t even try to change them. You cannot control or change anyone’s behavior, neither is it your responsibility to do so. Learn to set boundaries in all your relationships. Always know what is and what is not acceptable. Make your happiness and yourself priority. In all relationships give respect and ask for respect.
Any relationship should make you bloom and not wither!

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