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Love yourself First!

Don’t just be good to the others. Be good to YOU too!”

Everyone must receive a lot of relationship advice day in day out. But the best relationship advice that can be ever given is, “Before you love others, love yourself unconditionally. It can definitely be complicated, but it will be worth it.” Most of us are so busy chasing love from others, we’ve forgotten about the one person we need to love first- ourselves!

You are absolutely the most important person in your entire universe. From our childhood days, we’ve been raised to put others first, self-love often feels selfish. We are made to feel guilty if we self-love ourselves. But being this selfish, helps us connect with ourselves. When we love ourselves, we prove to ourselves that we deserve to be treated well. So we will not put up with other’s ill-treatment also. Secondly, everyone has different opinions about what we should do or how we should behave, so it is impossible for us to make everyone happy. And if we constantly put others before ourselves, it will keep us from living the life we desire.

Self-love isn’t easy, as we are our biggest critics. We can forgive and forget other’s mistakes but we do not allow ourselves to make mistakes. When you lose to manage a few kilos and look great- you like yourself. When you achieve something big- you like yourself. But when you have put on some weight or have failed or are at your worst, do you still love yourself. Self-love should be unconditional. We should love ourselves as we are right now!

We tend to compare ourselves and our lives with others. We make ourselves feel small by comparing to others. But that’s the biggest mistake because no matter how well we know them, we never know what they feel inside or how they perceive their life.

Before thinking about others, think about yourself, your likes and dislikes. Do good to yourself.

Have you ever looked in the mirror, stared in your eyes and said “I love you, with your own name.” Try it, it’s very difficult but worth it. It takes a lot of dedication, devotion, and practice to love yourself each and every day and watch your best self bloom! The epic dialogue of famous bollywood film “Me apni favorite hoon!” should be everyone’s favorite line.

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