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People's opinion about you!

We all feel really good when people like us, talk good about us. It’s a high feeling. But this high feeling has a counterpart also. You have ten people talking positive about you, but if there is one person who is spreading rumors about you or talking negatively about you or doesn’t like you, your mind works in overactive zone to make that one person like you. Accept that there are some people as much you try, you cannot make them like you. There are these people who would not believe your truth ever, because they want to live in their own world of lies, which they have built for their own entertainment. You Live with your truth. The king of the jungle never loses sleep over the opinion of wolf. He always knows what his worth is. People will talk. They always have and they always will. No matter what you do or say, how you behave, the way you dress up, the way you talk, people will always have an opinion on that. Nobody is perfect, you could just be different from others. Like the lion waits for his weak prey, these people also look for the one whom they can taunt or torment. And it gets to us. We allow other people’s opinions to not just hurt us, but to change ourselves. Remember it’s just their opinion and not our reality. Be a nice person but don’t waste your time and energy to prove it. We put all our energy to prove ourselves and to that person that we are good. There is no need to do so! It is very much okay that not everyone likes us. People love to amplify our flaws and mistakes so that they can feel good about themselves, that way they will not have to work harder on themselves. They love making others' lives uncomfortable. No one can make you feel bad unless you allow them to. Have a high opinion of yourself so that no one’s low opinion of you will affect your emotional health. If you can stop caring about what others think about you, it can be incredibly empowering!! And trust me they will also stop giving opinion about you because they now know you give a damn..

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