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Single Parent Challenges

“Being a single parent is the hardest thing, but doing it alone is much better than doing it with someone who doesn’t want to do it.”

Our Bollywood industry has a lot of examples of single parents with children, some are divorced with children, some are single but have adopted children or had them by surrogacy. Looking at them, single parenting looks like a cakewalk. But it is not!  Even they had to face bias from society when they took decisions about being a single parent. There is a lot of bias against single parents and a host of negative connotations that come along with it. They are treated like an incomplete units.

Parenting as it is challenging, but being a single parent is emotionally challenging and sometimes even overwhelming. Single parenting demands are nothing to ignore,  they can seem like insurmountable challenges and steep hills to climb on any given day; they should not be underestimated. 

If you are ever having a bad parenting day, you have no one to turn to. You have to do it all alone, and it’s not always easy. And the biggest doubt you have is, you do not know whether you are doing it right. So the best solution for this is to surround yourself with other parents and then observe where they are falling short and learn from that also. Accept that no one is perfect and so are you also not! Make mistakes and learn from them. When you have to make solo decisions, it can be kind of overwhelming. Try seeing the decision making as an honor and trust that things will be good. 

Always have a strong network of support systems. And do not shy from asking for help. Be patient with yourself. Give your best to your child, but also give yourself some quality time away from the child. If you make any mistake, do not beat yourself down.

Sometimes financial constraints also add up because bringing up a child single-handedly could be very expensive. You have to learn to balance work and home both because you have to take care of finances as well as the child. Single parent children become matured also early because they learn to share their parents' responsibility from an early age. 

A single parent has to be a strict disciplinarian and a fun-loving parent as well. They have to fulfill the dual responsibilities of both the parent. But with time they learn to balance both the roles.

Whatever comes your way, always remember to be strong and positive, you can handle it all. If there is a problem there is bound to be a solution, you just have to look at the right place.  If you are getting 200% worries, you are getting 200% love also.

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