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Teaching our children in situation of crisis

Children learn more from what you are than what you teach

The above quote might help you to understand your children better. Children do things which they see their parent’s doing and not by teaching them the do’s and don’ts. For example- Every parent teaches their children not to lie, but if they see you lying with your spouse or anyone, they get the signal that what you are teaching and doing has no relevance in reality. So, the conclusion comes out that you can lie because your parents do the same. Preaching someone to do something is easy but to be someone’s role model is difficult. You yourself have to be on constant check whether what you are doing and saying is relatable or not. Children learn more by seeing than listening. So, if you want to teach your child anything, start doing it yourself.

Children are reflection of their parents. The difference in parent’s conversation and knowledge with the child impacts a lot on the child’s learning. Family atmosphere plays vital role in building a child’s perception of world. Parents are the most important teachers for their children as they learn most of things from them. Home is the school from where children learn the most. We need to answer ourselves first

Do our children see us treating others with respect?

Do they see us opening doors or holding it open for someone else to go first?

Do they see us loving and respecting our own self?

Do they see us losing and getting up again?

Do they see us happy and full of life?

Do they see us being courageous even at the time of crisis?

Because whatever we do will be imbibed in them without your knowing.

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