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Teaching our children in situation of crisis


We all are going through a time of crisis. Our children are counting on us. It’s time to teach them not by words but by showing them by our actions, by leading them by setting up examples. It’s not what you are teaching them in online classes, nor about making them study some school subjects at home, nor how you would keep them occupied in this time of being at home, it’s mostly about your attitude and energy.

You have to believe and make them also believe “no matter what, this too shall pass! We can overcome any crisis by faith and trust, if we put  our heart to it.” Change your thoughts from fear, scarcity, worrying about the future to the “now”. Stop holding onto the belief about how things and people should be. Let go of the need to have control on our and others' lives. Live in the present moment. Move your focus to all the positive things and have gratitude for all that you have and take your focus from all that you don’t have and the scarcity mindset.

Let’s rise to the occasion. Let them see, we are courageous and compassionate. We can just not take care of ourselves, but others also. Show them we can remain calm even in face of adversity. Show how we love our company and not get bored of it. Staying away from our friends and family doesn’t lessen the love and friendship for each other.

This crisis is there to teach us a lot of things - resilience, calmness, solitude, hygiene, compassion, patience, humility and lots of love for each other. It’s a good time to let our children imbibe these qualities from us. Let them have these values ingrained in them now, when they are counting on us.

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