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Why do Kids change when they step into Teen years

There comes a stage in everyone’s life when we feel our kids have become strange, they have become teenagers. They are no more the cute kids who used to wander around moms the whole day and would ask us every small thing. Even if they would make a house mess or break things or gave us sleepless nights, at the end of the day we would just love them as they were our little angels.

Suddenly, things ave changed. They remain more in themselves. They want to be with friends more or remain confined in their rooms glued to their mobiles. There are more arguments, answering back and banging of doors. We blame it on the “generation”, “the friends” “the hormones”. But are these things really to be blamed?

What we don’t realize is that they are growing. No one remains the same throughout their life. We have also changed so much, so are they. We feel they have popped out of us, so they are indebted to us for their whole life. They will have to do as we ask them to do. They are our children and not our personal property. They are individuals with their own likes and dislikes, dreams and aspirations. It would be wrong of us if we want to see our unfulfilled desires and dreams getting fulfilled through them.

What they need is a parent, who is ready to move along with them, who allows them to make their own set of mistakes. We all have been a rebel in our own ways. They are also. What they need is someone who is ready to listen to them, who gives them their space, but still stands behind them without commenting “I told you so” or being sarcastic.  They need a parent who is ready to give them helping hand or a crying shoulder or maybe walking a mile with them, only and only if they need their help.

The teen years are very confusing years, they are not sure about a lot of things but still, they want to try new things. There are lots of mixed feelings and confused emotions, distorted body image and lot of peer pressure and also the pressure to fit in. They are trying their best to navigate these years smoothly. Instead of being an obstacle in this navigation, let us hold their hands, accept their limitations, encourage their efforts and praise them for who they are.

We need to definitely change with them, as we have to give them wings of imagination to soar and solid foundation so that they still remain grounded and stick to roots.

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