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Stop craving for that Importance!!

Happy people never crave for importance from others,  they are the ones who give others importance.  How many of us have this craving for importance? We need people to like us, appreciate us, give us the importance, validate us! On social media when our likes and followers increase, we feel importan…

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Negative Attitudes in Life

Have you ever been around someone who is so cheerful, that you find yourself smiling in spite of yourself? What about that person for whom nothing is ever right – do you find yourself avoiding them?

We are talking about people who are whiners – constantly complaining about any and everything. We …

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Guilt of hurting someone we love

How many of us have guilts buried somewhere deep in our hearts; the guilt of hurting someone. Yes, it was a mistake that went against the grain of what it is to be a loving or honest person. Chalk it up to emotional immaturity at that time, being selfish, letting your anger get the best of you or so…

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Single Parent Challenges

“Being a single parent is the hardest thing, but doing it alone is much better than doing it with someone who doesn’t want to do it.”

Our Bollywood industry has a lot of examples of single parents with children, some are divorced with children, some are single but have adopted children or h…

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When Love turns into Control

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world! No matter, what the couples do together it
is so much fun and makes them happy. The feeling is so beautiful that we never want it
to go away. And suddenly, in some relationships, you realize they are controlling you.
They start dictating where you can a…

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Love yourself First!

Don’t just be good to the others. Be good to YOU too!”

Everyone must receive a lot of relationship advice day in day out. But the best relationship advice that can be ever given is, “Before you love others, love yourself unconditionally. It can definitely be complicated, but it will be worth…

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Manipulative people in our Lives

You are in a chirpy mood and you meet someone who is very close to you and all of sudden you start feeling life is crap. You get up in the morning with a positive mood, and then there are a lot of negative vibes and you start feeling bad. You may be in a relationship with a manipulative person who i…

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Why do Kids change when they step into Teen years

There comes a stage in everyone’s life when we feel our kids have become strange, they have become teenagers. They are no more the cute kids who used to wander around moms the whole day and would ask us every small thing. Even if they would make a house mess or break things or gave us sleepless nigh…

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Feeling of not being Wanted

“Suruchi nobody wants me, nobody likes me,” a friend of mine Jyoti called me in the morning and said. She was crying and wailing. She felt that she was left out when the group of friends met and had fun. She felt no one noticed her presence or her absence. This made her sulk more. More she sulked…

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Let It Go

A professor in IIT held a bottle for a few minutes and ask students “What do you think will happen to my arm ?” Students unanimously answered “Nothing!” Then the professor asked, “If I hold this bottle for one hour?” One of the students said, “your arm will start to ache.” Professor further asked, “…

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Define Your Life for Yourself

“He likes me”. “He likes me”. A beautiful girl in her 20s kept thinking. She did all positive talking with herself, that the boy is really interested in her and likes her very much. But it appeared that he thought of this beautiful smart girl as “friend”. This broke the girl’s heart and sh…

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